The Impact of the Social Graph on Recruiting – Omowale Casselle

or far too long, marketers, advertisers, and recruiters have undervalued the way actual decisions are made.  Witness the interrupt driven nature of product advertising and job postings.  The assumption is that by placing information in front of customers or prospective candidates, we will automatically convince them to buy our products or apply for work at our organization.

Real World Decisions In the real world, this is not how things works at all.  Most people make important decisions in consultation with the people they trust.  Interested in buying a new car, ask your friends who have just bought new cars about their satisfaction.  Interested in working at a company, track down friends or friends of friends who have worked at the organization and ask about their experience.  While customers and candidates may initially narrow their selection field based on advertising, they will most certainly not be compelled into action by only this information.  In the new social dynamic, people will increasingly rely on their network to verify and validate important information.  However, this trend is not a revolution as some have offered.  Instead, it is simply an evolution of word of mouth facilitated by the organization, efficiency, and growth of each individual’s personal & professional network.
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Employees using social media at work? Great – your recruiting team just got a lot bigger!! – Sarah Welstead

In the past 12-24 months, most organizations have overcome their initial fears about social media:  99% of marketing departments are using social media to communicate with stakeholders, and 90% of recruiters say that social media is an important part of their recruiting toolkit.

However, the use of social media at work – i.e. employees visiting their personal Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/etc. pages while they’re at work – remains a challenge. read more

Of Course Social Recruiting Tools Matter – Lance Haun

Back from the #socialrecruiting summit and I had a great time. While I may be a bit biased, I think the speaker lineup was fantastic. I saw quite a few tweets during the summit taking about how difficult choosing between two concurrent speakers was. If we make that choice easy on you, we’re probably not doing our job! And the people I met there were great. Many practitioners who had already started using social tools in recruiting. Many more who were investigating using it as they are looking to ramp up hiring this year.
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Crowdsourcing: the future of recruiting? – Riges Younan

Last week I was invited to sit on a panel at a Churchill Club event in Melbourne
called “Crowdsourcing, the future of HR“. I shared the panel with Leni Mayo – Director, 99 Designs a marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design & Yvonne Adele – Chief Idealist at Ideas Culture, a crowdsourced brainstorming and ideas generation service.

I was first introduced to the whole concept of crowdsourcing when I read James Surowiecki’s book “The Wisdom of the Crowds“. He essentially claims that “large groups of people are smarter than an elite few, no matter how brilliant — better at solving problems, fostering innovation, coming to wise decisions, even predicting the future”.
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Employee Trust & Social Recruiting–Omowale Casselle

One of the main concerns about using social media for recruiting is that employees utilizing these tools will take actions that will damage the employment brand of the company.  While this is certainly possible, there is also the potential for damage to be done using the telephone, email, or in-person.  Perhaps, it is the ever presence of the web or the publicity that well-known brand gaffes have received that is leading to an overabundance of caution when determining how to use these new tools. This position is understandable, but the bigger concern is lack of trust for employees to do what is in the best interest of the company.  Although social media policies can give guidelines, there are still too many unknowns to effectively quantify what can and can not be done. The more companies focus on what could go wrong instead of what could go right, the less likely it is that employees using these tools will achieve superior talent acquisition results.
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